CIRECA workshop with Andrew Ondrejcack

This summer I went into France landscapes to realize this workshop with the art director and performer from New York, Andrew Ondrejcak.

This workshop focus on the conceptual possibilities of design in time based mediums - including fashion shows, opera, theatrical stage design, performance art, and exhibition design. Workshop included discussions with Andrew Ondrejcak. Students worked on a trio of charrettes - designing for music, text and a proposal for Object Theater, before embarking on a larger design+performance project, to was to be fully actualized on the grounds of Boisbuchet.

I share with you some exercises we made with Andrew that you can see in this video:

Andrew Ondrejcak, has worked on editorial and advertising projects for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Neiman Marcus, and L’Oreal, among others. Andrew also performed at the Museum of Modern Art in The Artist is Present, a retrospective of the performance artist, Marina Abramovic. I share his webpage in this link:

Andrew works also to The Wall Group: