Flat nº 19

Piso Santa Carolina_ Guinardo 3.jpg

Flat decoration for a young couple new flat. This couple came to me that wanted a flat were they could relax after work. They need a place for chill completely out. 

So in this case we use natural relaxing tones mixed with some earth tones, so we still maintain a warm touch.

For the dining room we use a very slim and small dining table custom made with iron and pine wood. the chairs are the classic Eames chairs and to give some contrast we use an ethnic rug.  The pictures are once again from the danish company Ferm Living. 

In the living room we use more blueish colours. The originality was given by the patchwork rug and the paint from the Chilean talented painter,  *Cláudia Blin.  We choose glass coffee tables so it won't take visual space.  The plants also take an important matter here since give a more natural look and also colour to the space. 









Piso Santa Carolina_ Guinardo 1.jpg
Piso Santa Carolina_ Guinardo2.jpg