Dental clinic

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Here a detail from the bamboo door and worktop.

Dental clinic and NGO headquarters for *DSR Dentists.

This clinic was made having into account sustainable materials such as bamboo panels and linoleum floor. Unfortunately in the end client opted for a parquet floor as you see in the pics. 

This was one of my first projects (2012) and I was really very happy to have a real client. 

I collaborate with this NGO and went with them to Peru, helping indigenous people that had little resources. One year after this collaboration the opportunity arose to help them building this special place!

The aim was to build a clinic were clients could see it was different from others since is a solidary clinic.

The space is a bit narrow so we optimised  it by making transparent consultation rooms at client's petition and making a hall with asymmetric closets and ceiling lights as you can see in the pics. 

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