Penthouse nº 26

This project was made for a private costumer that wanted to redesign the flat to be able to rent it for an executive profile.

The flat is a duplex loft with a completely open space.

Located on the new Barcelona business area, near Fira Barcelona.

This view was taken from the 17th floor and it has amazing views to the skyline and to the port and sea of Barcelona city.

Piso Executivo Hospitalet_09.jpg

For the bedroom that was on the 1st floor, we wanted to place the bed in the middle of the room so client could be facing the amazing skyline.

Since we couldn’t find any suitable model, we decide to custom design it and produce it. So we design a bed that incorporates the chest of drawers and a shelf all in one piece.

The back of the bed works as a dresser area, with stool, mirror and wardrobe.

The living room was open to dinning and kitchen area, so we create a cosy space that communicates with each other. The columns were enhance by adding them a capitel and base.

Piso Executivo Hospitalet_04.jpg

Detail of the wallpaper illuminated by the table lamp.

Piso Executivo Hospitalet_03.jpg

The grey sofa was complemented with the street style photo from Cobra and the cosy cushions that belong to the new Gancedo collection.

Piso Executivo Hospitalet_02.jpg

Also the solid oak wood dinning table was custom made so it could follow the counter shape.

By other hand the floor lamp is very versatile since can be turn into the dinning table or into the living area, just by moving the arch and with no need to move the base.

The entrance was decorated with a vertical stripe wallpaper that gives a cosy but still executive style that we wanted.

We also incorporate a sculpture and lantern to give the final aesthetic touch to decor.

The big size mirror enlarge the entry space and yet is very functional.

Photos by : Luiz Azeredo

Piso Executivo Hospitalet_13.jpg